G13 x Haze bx1

G13 x Haze bx1

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Old school G13/Haze from Nevil that has incredible vigor. This classic has offered countless contributions to the modern cannabis genepool.

This is a hybrid that has had to be inbred since the G13 was only available as a female clone. In fact all the G13 hybrids, are known for Strength and effect which are two attributes to look for in this strain and can be combined well in making new poly hybrids. It is already used in several medical strains and for those who have grown her they know it is pure medicine!

Heritage: G13 x Haze

Family of breed: G13 (50% predominantly Afghan), 50% Haze (IBL)
Expected yield: This strain is something less predictable but with the breeds that make it up you can arrive at rather large yields if you have some Sativa experience.
Flowering period: Indoor flowering done well can be surprising but count on between 8 -10 weeks.

Outdoor In the Northern Hemisphere we expect it to be completed by November early December.