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Taking on the scent from its Blueberry parent, Gooberry has a beautiful berry smell to it and is often noted for its pleasing and attractive sweetness that can linger in one’s mouth. Some users also get a hint of spice with Gooberry, offering a fruity and earthy scent and taste. Buds are usually quite sticky, with a fair amount of trichomes and are a pretty shade of green.

Gooberry isn’t for the faint of heart, as newbies can get too high quite easily on this strain. Coming in at 20% THC or higher, it makes sure to get you good and stoned with just a few hits. Right off the bat, you’ll notice a wash of intense euphoria coming over you, as a head and body high clear your mind and allow you to be focused yet with a bit of the giggles.

Many might think this sensation lasts, but as you move through the high, a major shift takes place. Gooberry begins to take on its heavy indica side and promotes a feeling of relaxation so deep that users are often couch-locked. It’s around this time that major munchies will pop up, so if you’re trying to keep snacking at bay, users recommend Gooberry right before bed.

Because of its deep sedating effects, this strain is highly regarded by medical users who need relief from insomnia or pain. Stress levels are often lowered as the uplifting high washes away any worries or negative thoughts. Those who struggle with a lack of appetite also find salvation with Gooberry. Overuse of this strain can result in some strong dry eye symptoms, and others might find that they get a slight headache. Again, if you’re a new user, go easy with it!

Growers will delight in knowing that this strain is pretty easy to tame at home, and can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. Substantial yields can result from these small plants, despite the fact that they usually only reach about 3 ½ feet tall with a bushy appearance. Both warmer and cooler climates agree with Gooberry, and it’s a strain that can handle a few mistakes here or there and still produce awesome buds. Most plants flower within about 7 to 9 weeks and can have a blue hue if moved from a warm to cool setting before this phase begins.