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                                                        LEMON SOUR x SOUR

Lemon Sour sour is a special cross, or lemon kush and the sour OG. If you love OG Kush  then this one is for you. A very potent high THC strain she will need extra supports,, full of  golfball size buds covered in resin.. The Lemon Kush is a Sativa-dominant  cannabis strain  and an Original OG.

Lemon Kush can be grown by newcomers to cannabis cultivation, although an indoor environment is recommended. Outdoors, plants will thrive in a warm sunny place. Under high-watt bulbs indoors plants grow tall and have a standard, bushy Indica shape. Lemon Kush has buds that are nugget-like and tend to be smaller than average. They hold a tight and dense bud structure, more typical of Indica than Sativa. Its leaves are light green, made to appear lighter by a heavy coating of trichomes. Plants should be grown in organic soil and supplemented by nutrient treatments like humic acid, vitamin B and various enzymes.

Lemon Kush has a complex terpene profile, blending sweet and citric tones with diesel hints. This fantastic flavor is accompained by a strong and long lasting cerebral effect. Its taste can be credited to the high amounts of Limonene found within the strain.