Mandarin Pie cbd reg m/f
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Mandarin Pie cbd reg m/f

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Mandarin Pie reg m/f CBD

Mandarin hashplant x Dream Tonic

The Stud used in this cross Is very aromatic full of lite skunk, and Northern Lights terpenes. This strain was originally created from an inbred Cherry Wine crossed with the Wife (Cherry Blossom F1). With a more lanky structure; this male was shown to produce no detectable THC in veg.

My female, pheno hunted from over 100 seeds of the Cherry BlossomF1 is a tall lanky plant that has the structure of Blue Dream, and the Terpenes of the Wife. The CBD content of this young lady rivals that of the T1 while showing extremely low propensity for producing thc. At 9 weeks this pheno tested at 0.2%thc.