Pluto Cut Autoflower R F3  10 pack

Pluto Cut Autoflower R F3 10 pack

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PUTO CUT Autoflower fem 10 pack

Quattro Kush x OG KUSH

Quattro Kush

We chose "The Big Sour" pheno from the original F1. Then, we crossed her with a compact and vigorous male. Its easy-to-work-with morphology allows high yields of large, sour-flavored, greasy and gorgeous flowers.

• F2 Cross• Cup Winner• Indoor/Outdoor


She's truly special. Pungent, unique terpenes along with devastating potency. This multi-cup-winning cut of Starkiller OG, from Rare Darkness via "Canna Cup" Corey, crossed with our most unique and pungent pheno of Lemon OG Haze. Heavy lime and lemon terps dominate this cross with fuel, floral, sour, pine and Earthy terps balanced underneath. Medium-sized, spongy but solid flowers cover this tall OG with her hybrid effects, sometimes leaning heavily towards Sativa.

• Days Flower: 60-70PHENOTYPE VARIATION• Plant Morphology: Low (30/100• Flower Morphology: Medium (50/100)• Terpene Profile: Medium (50/100)