PLUTO CUT  Autoflower R F3  3PACK

PLUTO CUT Autoflower R F3 3PACK

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Pluto cut autoflower
Quattro Kush x OG Kush
These autoflowers are 70-90 days from seed to harvest so work fast!!!

Quattro Kush

707 Headband x TK x SFV

We chose "The Big Sour" pheno from the original F1. Then, we crossed her with a compact and vigorous male. Its easy-to-work-with morphology allows high yields of large, sour-flavored, greasy and gorgeous flowers.

• F2 Cross• Cup Winner• Indoor/Outdoor


‘92 OG Kush x DieselRyder

The highest quality was in mind when creating the OG Kush Autoflower R5 cultivar. After starting this project in 2008, she's finally come to fruition. I wanted people to be able to grow and smoke an autoflower without losing the typically stronger and more complex qualities of her photo-period cousins. Although she may not be quite ready to win a cup ... she's close.