Pluto Cut R F3 Autoflower fem 6 PACK

Pluto Cut R F3 Autoflower fem 6 PACK

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Quattro Kushx OG Kush

This OG Kush back-cross has been a pet project for many years along with several other OGs made for the purpose of finding heady OG-leaning varieties. Quality was the priority over commercial viability. The goal with the OGKB was obvious right away. Bring the qualities of the OGKB into a more vigorous plant. The OG-leaners were amazing but there was a TON of height variation so we kept hitting her with the taller ladies. The result is mostly taller, classic OG stretch, but still maintaining lots of flavor and trichome density from the OGKB. The #JoshDOG from @karmagenetics was the last piece in this OG dance

Quattro Kush

We chose "The Big Sour" pheno from the original F1. Then, we crossed her with a compact and vigorous male. Its easy-to-work-with morphology allows high yields of large, sour-flavored, greasy and gorgeous flowers.

• F2 Cross• Cup Winner• Indoor/Outdoor