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The SilverBack

The Silverback is a cross between the Grape ape and the Super Silver Haze. This is a very short strain as it finishes -45-56 days and ready to harvest early oct The Silverback is a mold and mildew resistant variety ready for the cold nights of new england  . A powerful dose of 23% THC awaits you as Silver Back is recommended for those who have been around the block at least a few times. Big nugs covered in thick trichomes pack a big punch with deep and rich purple notes peeking through. The flavors and smells of this strain are luscious and include grape, earth, and spice that all blend together like a mulled wine. Many users love how smooth of a smoke this bud brings.

Like a gentle ride through the jungle of your mind, Silver Back will lift you up before cautiously setting you down. Users note a strong euphoric boost that’s coupled with energy and a tendency to be fairly social, and while you’ll feel both lifted and relaxed at the same time, your body will soon feel the weight of this strain’s effects. Sedation may be a strong word, but finding the motivation to do much of anything will be a tall order to fill.

Silver Back brings a host of medical benefits to your life as this strain is perfect for winding down after a hard day. Mental concerns including depression, stress, and even bipolar disorder can be calmed without having to turn to medication, and nagging issues of bodily pain or even a lack of appetite are greatly helped. ,And you can’t beat 23% THC and a healthy cerebral high!